Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Know I am Not Supposed to Say This

....But I kind of think that Hitler was a good painter. I mean I know the running joke is that he had one ball and sucked at art, but his watercolors actually aren't bad.

I know, I know. But I'm only going on the works themselves, not the painter......
it's still bad, I suppose.

This is weird, right?

"Ready, willing, and able to scrub"? Really? And isn't announcing yourself as an eager gay man "ready willing and able" along with your first AND last name and cell number just asking for a prank call in which I ask if you can come clean my balloon knot?

Your Eyebrows Scare Me

i'm not sure why my boyfriend thinks she's so hot

Friday, April 10, 2009

This Gives My Asshole the Dry Heaves

The same website that brought us the tales of mothers feeding their children food licked by the dog now brings us the charming tale of twin sisters eating their placentas. Above are the photos of their dishes, which still look better than most of Rachael Ray's shit. Highlights, anyone?
  • Twin Kathy points out that "It's a good 6 lbs of meat that's just chock full of lingering blood, vitamins, and hormones that can still in part be transferred upon eating -- even through cooking. When I cooked it, I cleaned the surface blood off of it, but kept anything that seaped out of it into the sauce."
  • She also provides precise preparation tips: "First, I washed off any clots and snipped/tore away the membrane. Websites suggested this, and I imagine it's because it'd be chewy. The umbilical cord required a pair of scissors to cut through and I had to marvel at how incredible tough that piece was!"
  • And this gave my tastebuds a serious boner: "It wasn't TOUGH, but not sloppy either. Just the right kind of texture that I like." Mmmmm.

I hope that after you eat the placenta you crap out a baby.